You Were Made For More

Have you ever seen someone for the very first time and just knew that someday you would fall in love with them. That’s how my story began with him. I saw him from across the room and just like that, I knew that I had to know him.

Looking back there were probably signs telling me to stop…But something just drew me to him, I wanted to know everything about him. It wasn’t long till we were nearly inseparable. We would stay up late talking, a day was too long not to see each other, we shared our secrets and our fears. And I gave my heart away to him. I thought things could not get any better, it felt like a dream. He was my safe place to run to, the one who took care of me when I was sick and the one I shared so many laughs with.

Soon I found that my biggest priority was him. And the only dream I had was to be with him forever. I lost myself… I forgot the things I dreamed about. I thought the only thing that mattered was my relationship with him. I didn’t concern myself with anyone or anything else. I didn’t know who I was. I only knew that I was his and I thought that was enough. He meant the world to me. And him being my world was completely fine with me, or so I thought.

But then things got tough and we went our separate ways. This left me so broken. I had made him my everything so when things had to end I believed that I had lost everything. I didn’t know what mattered to me anymore. I didn’t have any dreams, he was my dream. I felt empty.

It was months before I really started to pick up the pieces and try to put myself back together. It wasn’t for a very long time that I even realized that I had forgotten myself, I forgot who I wanted to be and I forgot the dreams and gifts that God had given me.

I put my relationship above all other priorities, even above the calling God had put on my life. I was able to be so destroyed by a relationship because I forgot the things God had called me to. I forgot the purpose God had for my life was so much bigger than being somebody’s girlfriend.

I forgot that God had called me and you, to love other as ourselves. I couldn’t do that with my vision so clouded with myself and my relationship. I couldn’t see anyone else’s hurts because I was so consumed by own relationship and my own hurts.

Don’t forget that God has a plan for you. He has so much more in store for you. Don’t allow yourself to become so consumed with a relationship that you forget that you were made for a purpose that is even greater than you could imagine.